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Underage DUI Attorney in Santa Monica

Underage DUI Charges

Our state employs what is known as a "zero tolerance" policy in regards to underage individuals drinking and driving.  In essence, this means that a minor found driving with any trace of alcohol in their system can be arrested and charged with DUI, as opposed to the .08% BAC legal limit in adult cases.  If they are found guilty, they can face penalties that include the suspension of their drivers' license for up to one year.  If they are found to have a .08% BAC or more, they can face increased penalties equal to those in adult DUI cases, including fines, probation, community service, and possible incarceration.  Parents of the child may be held financially responsible for any fines levied if the child is unable to pay those fines themselves.

In the event that your minor child has been arrested for DUI, it is to their benefit, and yours, to contact a Santa Monica DUI attorney at Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP today.  Our legal team is well versed in DUI cases of all types, including those involving minors, and we can provide the help needed in your child's case to significantly increase their chances of a successful outcome.  With our help, they may be able to reach a resolution in which they are cleared of any and all illegal activity.

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As a parent, it is likely your goal that your child has considerable opportunities for happiness and success later in life.  Unfortunately, a DUI conviction can serve to undermine those opportunities.  A minor convicted of DUI may be unable to secure gainful employment later in life, and may even be barred from applying to certain colleges.  Hiring an attorney in your child's DUI case will increase the likelihood of them avoiding these negative consequences, and possibly allow them to pursue a future that is full of possibility.

Contact a Santa Monica Underage DUI Lawyer if your minor child has been charged with DUI and is in need of immediate legal help.

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