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Regarding DUI Penalties

Consequences of DUI Convictions

According to the DMV, our state boasts a 75% success rate in convicting those arrested for DUI.  DUI is a considered a criminal offense and can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances of your case.  In the criminal justice system, you will face prosecutors who are intimately familiar with DUI laws and what it takes to get convictions.  At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP we want you to be represented by a Santa Monica DUI attorney who has a similar knowledge of the law, plus a proven track record of success in defending those charged with DUI offenses.

In our firm, we have attorneys who are former law enforcement, prosecutors and public defenders.  Our familiarity with law enforcement procedures and the court system can work to your advantage.  We have established a new Criminal Defense department specifically to investigate, prepare and carry out legal strategies designed to produce the best possible outcome for clients who have been arrested for DUI.

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If you are convicted on your DUI charge you may have to pay fines, serve probation, attend mandatory alcohol awareness classes, have your license suspended or revoked, do community service and face time in jail or prison.  In some instances, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device put on your vehicle.  DUI convictions become part of you permanent record which can affect future employment and education. 

DUI penalties can be enhanced for a variety of reasons.  If there were injuries involved or an instance of manslaughter, the fines and imprisonment will be increased.  Underage DUI convictions result in longer suspension of driving privileges and other penalties.  Second, third and succeeding DUI convictions increase the penalties even more, with your driver's license being suspended for multiple years and prison sentences of 3 or more years.  You will need a very competent attorney working on your side, in order to prevail against the charges you now face.

If you or a loved one face DUI charges, your best chance for a successful defense is by contacting a Santa Monica DUI Lawyer .

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