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Federal DUI Attorney in Santa Monica

Culver City DUI Attorney Serving Santa Monica, Brentwood, Marina del Ray & all of West LA

At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP, we have established a department of Criminal Defense dedicated to the successful resolution of DUI charges against our clients.  Our attorneys are former law enforcement, public defenders and prosecutors who have over 20 years of hard-won experience in defense of criminal charges.  Nowhere is this more important that when a person has been charged with a federal DUI.

In order to be a federal DUI, it must have occurred on federal property or property under federal jurisdiction.  Commonly, these charges apply to military installations and national parks.  You may also be charged for federal DUI at certain government compounds, airports, national monuments and post offices.  If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI on federal property, it is vital that you retain a Santa Monica DUI lawyer who understands this complex area of law and how to overcome the charges against you.

Penalties for Federal DUI Charges

Different federal sites penalize DUI charges in varying ways.  DUI is a Class B misdemeanor on property owned by the National Park Service.  You may have to serve up to 6 months in jail, be on probation for up to 5 years and pay fines up to $5,000.  On National Park Service land, refusal or failure to submit to blood alcohol testing will be treated as a criminal offense.  If you were charged on other federal land in our state, you come under the Assimilative Crimes Act in which you are subject to the DUI laws of California.  Conviction under the Assimilative Crimes Act means that you may suffer penalties by both the federal government and the State of California.

You will need an attorney who can represent you in federal court when you are charged with a federal DUI offense on National Park Service land or a military base.  The charges will be enhanced, as they would be in our state, if there are additional circumstances such as a DUI with injury or driving with a minor in the vehicle while intoxicated.  Don't take a chance on your future with these complex federal charges.

Contact a Federal DUI Attorney in Santa Monica for fast and competent legal assistance when you have been charged with a federal DUI.

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