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2nd & 3rd DUI Convictions

Culver City DUI Attorney Serving Santa Monica, Brentwood, Marina del Ray & all of West LA

Many people are under the impression that if they have been convicted of a prior DUI offense, they will certainly be convicted of their current charges.  In our firm, Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP we don't hold this idea to be true.  Penalties for DUIs increase with the number of convictions.  It becomes vital, therefore, to enlist the aid of a competent and experienced Santa Monica DUI lawyer for an effective defense against your charges.

To win a DUI case takes a complete understanding and working knowledge of DUI laws coupled with thorough investigation of past and current DUI charges.  At times, the legitimacy of a prior DUI conviction can be challenged.  Field sobriety tests or blood and breath tests can be incorrectly conducted by police officers and the tests themselves can contain flaws.  Sometimes, an illegal police stop can lead to an arrest for DUI.  Police arrest procedures and the handling of evidence can be improperly done, leading to a viable defense on your behalf.

What penalties do you face?

For a 2nd DUI offense, you will have a mandatory incarceration period of up to 30 days.  An ignition interlock device can be installed on your vehicle and your driver's license can be suspended for a 2-year period.  You may be fined from $1800-2800, in addition to having to pay court fees, although some courts allow partial payment of these fines through community service.  You will have 3-5 years of probation from the court and your conviction becomes part of your permanent criminal record.

A 3rd DUI conviction results in stiffer penalties and you can be required to attend a driving under the influence program.  Being convicted for a multiple DUI offense is going to greatly affect your life and the lives of those around you that you care about.  In order to be successful in nearly any field, one needs experience.  Our firm has over 2 decades of experience in defending the rights of those charged with DUI.

Contact a Santa Monica DUI Attorney when you are being charged with a 2nd or 3rd DUI offense and need skilled and knowledgeable legal help.

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